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Kārlis Bardelis
Karlis Bardelis (2).png

Kārlis Bardelis

Latvian adventurer who has marked his place in history by completing a nearly eight-year, human-powered journey around the world.


Karlis traveled 46,326 km by rowboat and

11,972 km by bicycle, spending a total of

2,898 days exploring the globe.

  • Bored of borders
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Director at Innovation Agency Lithuania,

experienced manager, communicator, mentor, author.

Chief Marketing Officer of a Year (2015), BIOK LAB.

  • Inovacijų agentūra
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Antanas Bernatonis

Founder of the artificial intelligence agency “Why AI”,

and AI trainer who helps companies practically apply artificial intelligence tools in their processes.

  • Why AI
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Irēna Čippa
Irena Cippa.png

Director of BNI Vivaldi,

the largest BNI chapter in the Baltics and the 2nd largest in Europe, launch director of BNI Jufess and BNI Canders,

and the founder of Hieroglifs Translations.

  • Hieroglifs translations
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Mindaugas Juodaitis
Mindaugas Juodaitis.png

Marketing strategist, certified ActionCOACH business coach, founder of WEB Partners and ActionCOACH Lithuania, author of personal marketing training.

Entrepreneur and practitioner.

  • WEB (1)
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Dimitrios Koranis
Dimitrios Koranis.png

KORANIS Purchasing Solutions owner and CEO.

BNI Germany member and director consultant.

BNI Greece (director consultant support and training).

  • Koranis purchasing solutions
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Joris de Kort
Joris de Kort.png

Co-founder of Doctor Recruitment, and the regional director for BNI Netherlands. Under his leadership, Doctor Recruitment has expanded to over 12 countries, assisting more than 200 companies and facilitating the placement of over 1,000 candidates.


  • Doctor recruitment
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Join us for an enlightening session where we reveal the secrets to leveraging international networking to propel your organization to new heights. Discover key techniques to build meaningful global connections, access exclusive insights from industry leaders, and learn how to navigate cultural nuances to expand your reach. This presentation will equip you with the tools to transform your networking strategy, opening doors to new markets and fostering innovation. Don't miss out on the opportunity to gain a competitive edge through the power of international networking.

Susanna Lähteelä
Susanna Lähteelä  .png

CEO & Founder of RIMOSON,  Public Speaking Coach and Keynote Speaker.


Originally from Finland, Susanna is a BNI Support Director in the Czech Republic and a 4x Eastern European Champion of Public Speaking.

  • Rimoson
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Lajos Kovács
Lajos Kovacs (3).png

Security professional with 25 years

of experience in protecting the most influential individuals and celebrities.

Founder of Executive Training Center, Executive Services,

and Achievement Mastery Academy.

BNI member and director.

  • executive services
  • LinkedIn

Network to Net Worth: Converting Conversations into Business deals

Discover the transformative journey of an experienced BNI member as he recounts how joining the network significantly impacted his professional life. His presentation will highlight a particularly pivotal referral that exemplifies the immense potential and power of effective networking within the BNI community. Additionally, he will offer a comprehensive step-by-step guide on the 'Chatterbox' method—a strategic technique meticulously crafted to convert casual conversations into lucrative business opportunities seamlessly.

Nerijus Lungys
Nerijus Lungys (1).png

Owner of the BNI franchise in Lithuania

and Latvia, founder of seven businesses, speaker, and active investor, who is also an enthusiast of personal developmentand growth.

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