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Vilnius Grand Resort,


27 September
Full day 


300+ BNI members
Business Leaders

Be part of more.

It has been 10 years since we promised to bring more partners, more money, and more growth to you and your business. We deeply appreciate the journey we have embarked on and are immensely proud of the community we have built together across the Baltics.


Join us to celebrate the power of deeper connections, growth, and success that come in many forms when you are a part of BNI. We invite you to the biggest event of the decade to experience even more of what BNI has to offer.


more partners

every contact counts


more money

every relationship matters


every success celebrated

more growth


Simultaneous translation from English to Lithuanian and Latvian will take place during the conference

08:00 - 17:00
Conference, Networking & Expo

Networking opportunities with 300+ business leaders,

10+ speakers and trainers on leadership, innovation, and business growth for your greater success.

20:00 - 02:00
GALA Award Night

Celebratory event to recognize the achievements of our community and strengthen our relationships.


Keynote Speaker

Kārlis Bardelis

Latvian adventurer who has marked his place in history

by completing a nearly eight-year, human-powered journey around the world. Karlis traveled 46,326 kilometers by rowboat and 11,972 kilometers by bicycle, spending

a total of 2,898 days exploring the globe.

A 6-time Guinness World Record holder, he is celebrated for being the first person to row across the Pacific and the Indian Oceans.

Karlis' adventures embody the spirit of endurance and perseverance, making him an inspiring figure for audiences worldwide.

Karlis Bardelis (3).png
Karlis Bardelis (2).png


Founder of the artificial intelligence agency “Why AI”, and AI trainer who helps companies practically apply artificial intelligence tools in their processes.

  • LinkedIn


Director at Innovation Agency Lithuania, experienced manager, communicator, mentor, author. Chief Marketing Officer of a Year (2015), BIOK LAB. 

  • LinkedIn
Irena Cippa.png


director of BNI Vivaldi, the largest BNI chapter in the Baltics and the 2nd largest in Europe, launch director of BNI Jufess and BNI Canders, and the founder of Hieroglifs Translations.

  • LinkedIn


Marketing strategist, certified ActionCOACH business coach, founder of WEB Partners and ActionCOACH Lithuania, author of personal marketing training. Entrepreneur and practitioner.

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Susanna Lähteelä 

CEO & Founder of RIMOSON,  

Public Speaking Coach and Keynote Speaker .

Originally from Finland, Susanne is a BNI Executive Director in the Czech Republic and a 3x Eastern European Champion of Public Speaking. 

  • LinkedIn
Susanna Lähteelä  .png

Co-founder of Doctor Recruitment, BNI Netherlands Area Director.

Joris has over 26 years of experience in international recruitment. Under his leadership, Doctor Recruitment has expanded to over 12 countries.

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Joris de Kort.png

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179€ + VAT

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