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Expo Hall - Your showcase arena!

Only 25 spots for the most active participants determined to grow!


Why an Expo Stand?

- It‘s your gateway to increased visibility 
- It‘s an opportunity to showcase your products and services 
- It‘s a personalized space for valuable

1-2-1 meetings!

- It's THE PLACE to start a conversation!

Expo Stand Spot:

300 EUR + VAT

Expo Personnel:

45 EUR + VAT

Specifications for Expo Hall Participants:  

Expo Stand - EUR 300 + VAT: with this ticket you only purchase Expo space to represent your business and increase the visibility of your brand. Along with it, it is necessary to purchase at least one of the following tickets: Conference participant, Conference + Gala evening participant or Expo Personnel.

Expo Personnel - EUR 45 + VAT: this ticket does not give access to the main conference area, where the entire event program will take place. We recommend purchasing Expo staff tickets for additional personnel who would take care of your stand and high-quality business presentation throughout the event, and for yourself to purchase a Conference or Conference + Gala participant ticket and participate in the conference without restriction, listen to inspiring speakers, make business connections and take advantage of all the opportunities provided by the event, and be at the stand as much as you can and want to.

The Expo Personnel ticket is intended only for those who have purchased an Expo stand ticket (2 Expo Personnel tickets/stand). Meals (coffee breaks and business lunch) are included in the ticket price, but access and participation in the main conference program are not.

Approximate space: 2 x 2.5 m for each participant 
Venue provision: 1 table (185 x 75 cm) and 2 chairs (upon request), access to an electricity source. 
Freedom to customize: From a simple roll-up to an interactive stand, tailor your space to fit your brand's unique concept.

Here is a link to the venue, where you can see 3D tour and “feel” the space from within. 

First participants

Screenshot 2024-05-08 102846.jpg
Screenshot 2024-05-08 102943.jpg
Screenshot 2024-05-08 103002.jpg
Screenshot 2024-05-08 103028.jpg
Screenshot 2024-05-08 102920.jpg
Screenshot 2024-05-08 102757.jpg
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